Clique interactions

Leverage social influencers to fuel your growth and collect actionable purchase intentions, preference insights and customer data with Interactions through the Instagram platform

Acquire customers at scale using social influencer stories through Instagram

Consumers want brands to offer accurate personalization, tailor-made content and relevant product reviews-but they also want improved privacy and tighter data controls in today's highly digital environment. Clique Interactions empowers marketing professionals to obtain the data and permissions they need to provide true customization through their existing digital platforms, while creating lasting ties with consumers. This is all achieved using social media influencers activated through the Instagram platform.


Influencer story interactions
Easily connect with consumers using social influencers through our library of interactions inside the Instagram platform—and gather useful data along the way. Be it a quiz, survey, questionnaire, traffic driver or generating content and brand awareness, we can easily replicate and adapt interactions to gather customer data at scale.
Data acquisition & permission
With Clique Interactions, you have the tools to get useful consumer data effectively. You'll understand the interests, needs and expectations of your consumers better — and be able to push even more customised promotions through all of your existing digital solutions.
Enterprise scale
Clique Interactions has the scalability, flexibility, pace and agility to help the biggest brands in the world develop real-time, engaging interactions.
Harnessing the mechanism of an interest exchange
Digitally informed consumers must be amused, engaged and expect something in exchange for their data and attention. Clique Interactions integrates reward and engagement mechanics to provide an exchange of value for data on consumer preferences through the use of social stories on the Instagram platform.
Influencers at your finger tips
We enable you to collaborate with influencers that speak and connect to your target audience. Get Started Now
World-Class reporting
Our Reports provide post-by-post breakdowns of total reach, engagement, and media value. You'll never have to take a screenshot of a post or story ever again. Our reports always contain the latest data
Built for scale
Use the captured data to create personalised campaigns across your marketing stack. Acquire new customers and increase the customer lifetime value of your current customers.
Campaign Planning
We work with your team to develop a winning creative strategy across the channels of your choice.
Exportable PDF and CSV reports
Data is easily accesable and can be integrated into your current data warehouse.

Consumers look for immersive, personalised interactions. We will help your brand create these unique interactions, get your customers involved and begin building a loyal and profitable relationship with your customers.


Social media influencers at your fingertips

We enable you to collaborate with influencers that speak and connect to your target audience. Using the Instagram platform, it enables you to build multifaceted interactions with your targeted audience on Instagrams 1 billion users 


Personalize future campaigns to a more accurate audience.

You will easily collect key consumer details such as name, location, email address and marketing opt-ins with Clique Interactions and deliver something of interest in exchange. Clique Interactions gives you the tools to directly ask consumers about their preferences, intentions and desires, driving the personalized, one-to-one marketing all brands need.