How It work for you


We will be your campaign managers. Think of us as an extension of your own markeitng team. We manage the full influencer marketing campaign.


Your time is valuable. Never sacrifice speed and your precious time for quality of content, brand awareness, reach and ROI again.


Have full access into our platform to view your campaign in real time. Track Posts, likes, comments, Content and Link clicks on the go.


EXPOSED! How To Measure Influencer Marketing ROI

This eBook will show you a few ways to measure the ROI of your influencer marketing campaigns


Our Difference

In-HouseTraditional AgencyClique
Influencer Management
10k+ Influencer Database
Full Campaign Management
Major Talent Agencies
Direct Access to Influencers
Build Ongoing Relationships
Campaign Tracking
Access to Performance Data
Real-time Campaign Analytics
Transparent Tier Based Pricing Model
High Retainer
Media Spend Fees

Our platform is built for Scale

We are here to deliver exellence

Elevate your brand with Clique.Get your products seen by more than 100,000 people in your target audience on a monthly basis with up to 40 new, beautifully crafted pieces of content for posting and advertising each month.

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We’ve made your life easier
with the data we capture

We are here to listen

We measure your generated content with hashtag monitoring. How is your contest or giveaway performing? Is chatter around your brand increasing overtime? Hashtag monitoring answers those questions in seconds.

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Influencers at your fingertips

Infuencer marketing at scale

We enable you to collaborate with influencers that speak and connect to your target audience. Our influencers work on various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and Blog Sites.

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World-Class reporting
at your fingertips

Never miss a story again

Our Reports provide post-by-post breakdowns of total reach, engagement, and media value. You'll never have to take a screenshot of a post or story ever again. Our reports always contain the latest Data

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We’ve made a life easier for you
with our live tracking dashboard

Track your campaign live.

Live updates enables you to have full transparency. You can view the number of posts, Likes, Comments, Link clicks and more throughout the campaign.

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Influencer Marketing & Social Media Campaigns

Campaign Planning

We work with your team to develop a winning creative strategy across the channels of your choice.

Flawless Execution

Our platform allows us to seamlessly find and manage more influencer and celebrity relationships while saving you time.

Measure, learn optimize

Access reporting on social engagement, media value, and campaign ROI then re engage with top performing talent.

Choose Your Price Plan

At Clique, we provide a monthly influencer marketing service. You can run an influencer markerketing campiagn every month at such a low cost. Influencer marketing has never been so easy

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