Always know when your influencers post, never miss another story

Clique notifies you whenever the influencers in your campaign create a new post or story that mentions your account or hashtag. Easily identify who's on time or late with their sponsored content.

You'll never have to manually keep tabs on your influencers again.

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Powerful ROI insights tell you which influencers were worth their dollar

Instantly identify which influencers and posts were most successful so you know who to continue working with.

Much is lost trying to use a spreadsheets to keep track of your campaign. Our unique visual grid gives you more insight into which posts succeeded and why, helping you improve future campaigns.

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We create beautiful campaign reports in seconds

Our customizable reports provide post-by-post breakdowns of total reach, engagements, and media value whenever you're ready

You'll never have to take a screenshot of a post and story again. Our reports always contain the latest data.

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Get a full workday back each week

Capture stories before they expire

Get the peace of mind to focus on other tasks as you'll never have to worry about missing a story before it expires.

Always up-to-date campaign stats

Eliminate the daily hassle of checking and collecting data from your influencers.

Exportable PDF and CSV reports

Impress your team with beautiful PDFs. Or choose CSVs for those who want to dive into the raw numbers.

Download high quality posts and stories

No more awkwardly cropped photos, screenshots from different phone sizes, and low-quality photo downloads.

Media and campaign history all-in-one place

Say goodbye to email attachments and quickly access any influencer media or campaign stats with a few clicks.

Customizable reporting metrics

Relax while your campaign measures metrics and KPIs based on your preferred way of measuring influencer campaigns.

Customer Highlight

Australian Sports Nutrition use Clique to maintain brand awareness at scale

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You’re one step closer to painless influencer campaign tracking.

We provide the best reporting in the game and it is available at your fingertips